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It is all a terrible dream. Or is it a dream at all? It’s as if we had stumbled into some sick and twisted parallel universe, where the United States was no longer recognizable as that great bastion of freedom and individuality, the grand experiment our forefathers fought so hard and died for. At first the loss of our freedoms (which most of us, myself included, took for granted) was subtle, slowly chipped away so as to be barely noticeable with the passage of time. But then it began to snowball. On that horrific day of 911, nearly 3000 people died both violently and unnecessarily. But much more died on that day. Much more.

Our willingness to give up our freedoms for some perceived security was the death knell of this great nation. After all, was it not Benjamin Franklin who once stated, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” We were willing to sacrifice what we as a nation once so cherished and held so dear to our hearts, but for what possible gain?

Something else occurred on that day. A schism began to form, very slight at first as to be barely recognizable but then broadened ever so dramatically to form a rift, a divided nation. It took little more than a month for the shock of 911 to wear off for me to realize there was something terribly wrong with the official narrative: the expeditious and wanton destruction of forensic evidence (e.g., the steel from the World Trade Center building quickly whisked away to China and India to be cannibalized), the fact that no steel buildings had ever collapsed in such a manner from fires – and one building (7) was not even hit by a plane, the appearance of implausible evidence to finger a group (e.g., hijackers passport found intact in the smoldering rubble), the fact that G.W. Bush was not rushed by the secret service from a highly publicized event meeting with children when it was clear an attack was underway. All of these things, and more, led me to the conclusion that there was great deception underway and something nefarious was taking place beyond the workings of 19 alleged hijackers.

Of course, I would never hear the end of it: the constant chiding, the laughing, and the snickers. The catch-phrases “tin foil hat wearing” and “conspiracy theorist” were bantered about like some original quips whenever some troubling question was brought up, but only served as a means to quell discussion and stifle critical thought. In fact, the term “conspiracy theorist” was invented to silence critics of the Warren Report over JFK’s murder. (https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/08/24/the-term-conspiracy-theory-was-invented-by-the-cia-in-order-to-prevent-disbelief-of-official-government-stories/). These terms are not original, but they are parroted, as if programmed into the psyche as a coping mechanism to deal with painful truths.

Conspiracy Theorist = One Who Questions Known Liars

Funny, you don’t hear these terms very much today. Is it because they have become tired and have lost their efficacy, or is it because others have now also begun to question the official narrative, to realize something is indeed very wrong? Still there are many who refuse to see the dangers about them, locked into a perpetual state of cognitive dissonance. These same individuals avoid looking up to the sky to see the long gray clouds laid down carefully by air vehicles, clouds which spread out and persist for hours at a time, darkening our planet and God knows what else.

This website is dedicated to exploring these topics and looking for solutions to prepare for what might be coming. Just as squirrels gather nuts so they can survive the winter, you too should start preparing, if you have not already, for the long, dark, harsh winter (metaphorically speaking) that is fast approaching. Things have only gotten worse since 911, and the sinister forces – what I term the Satanic World Order – driving their agenda have grown bolder from the technologies they control to their corrupting influence over those who rule us. I mourn for the future of our children. How we have let them down. All we can do now is to prepare for ourselves and for our families as best we are able, and pray – pray- that the evil forces at work will come to an untimely end.

One last thing: if you really want to understand the endgame for the globalists, if you want to appreciate what they have in store for both you and me, I highly recommend you watch the following video. It is a 12-minute excerpt of an interview with Aaron Russo given by Alex Jones. Aaron Russo (now deceased) was the producer of “Trading Places,” a movie starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd. He was a mover and shaker in the entertainment industry and the elite wanted to recruit him to help push their agenda. This would be literally selling your soul to the Devil, and Russo wanted no part of it. This excerpt, though brief, drops truth bomb after truth bomb. After all, as the saying goes, it is important to know thy enemy.



About This Website

This website is broken into three parts.  Some of you may recognize the category headings as pertaining to the Hegelian Dialectic: Problem, Reaction, Solution.   This is a Machiavellian technique employed by the Globalist when they want to further their anti-freedom (and some would argue anti-human) agenda, but require popular consent in order to do so.    They create a problem, or allow a preexisting problem get out of hand.  This invokes a reaction from the populace “to do something about it.”   The tensions build, and then the Globalists step in with a solution of their own making, getting the populace to sign onto conditions or accept laws that they would otherwise feel were completely unacceptable.

In the case of this website, posts under the Problem category are either problems created by the Globalists, or societal issues in general.   Reaction will likely use discussions brought up in the Problem section and take them a bit further.   This section will address the “Why does this problem exist”, and so tends to be more opinion-based – looking at the conspiratorial aspect of the problem, for example.  Finally, the solution section may not provide solutions to these overly-complex issues (and believe me, I wish these solutions could be easily resolved!), but it will provide you with preparation suggestions to help you defend against the transgressions set forth by the Globalists.

The final Blog category simply contains all the posts together on a single page.


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